Monday, September 29, 2008

Sarah Palin the Hunter

Right now, I have more compassion for the animals Palin has hunted and killed, than sincere compassion for her. I'd like to work on this. I would like to be able to ally with Sarah Palin as a human being, while also acknowledging the militant myopia of her views and actions. I want to be able to appreciate Palin as a being, so that I can allow her to change. She too can be illuminated. She too could wise up and recognize her politics exclude and harm many. My compassion for her adds more compassion to the equation. Palin, take this love we send your way and learn to extend it back at us.

In the meantime, as I work to evolve, I watch this video. I watch it with gratitude that there are people who I have never even met, who reside in all aspects of our society, who add art and cogent, emotive dialogue to the fray.