Saturday, September 27, 2008

McCain at the Debates

Did anyone else feel like McCain was lobbing a pity softball at us by mentioning Senator Kennedy's hospitalization during his first response to Jim Lehrer last night at the debates? I think it's important and very kind to send good thoughts out to an ailing person and their loved ones but there was something manipulative about the mention that cheapened it. It was as if McCain was saying, "I know people. People in Washington. I am connected; I rub elbows with Kennedys." Then he muttered "Lion of the Senate" and moved on.

Similarly, the McCain camp's spin on postponing the Presidential Debates (and putting McCain's campaign on pause) was transparent in its manipulation. The McCain campaign clearly wanted props for McCain's purported earnest pragmatism and ability to serve his country in its time of need. He was "needed in Washington" to do important things. It is intriguing that a decade ago McCain heavily supported deregulation of the insurance and banking industries, deregulations that have caused much of the contemporary turmoil.

I am ready for the spin to cease. There's a lack of integrity to it all. Much lipstick, on many pigs.