Sunday, September 28, 2008

God Bless Dan Savage

Sarah Palin has deflected criticism of her anti-gay politics by saying she has gay friends. Who hasn't heard a bigot say "It's alright, I can say that, I have a {Gay/Black/Latino/Latina/Asian} friend." Unfortunately though, there's no evidence that Mz. Pale Lies indeed possesses any such homos in her friend repertoire. For more discussion on this, see The Right Hook from The Advocate online.

I mean, Sarah Pale Eyes is kind of glam, but I think it just might be her deep-rooted Creationism that keeps the party from ever getting fun enough to attract the gay love.

Fortunately, there are plenty of gays auditioning right now (yes right now!) to become Bible Spice's token gay friend. Monsieur Dan Savage, witty and talented sex columnist of Savage Love fame, started this video lineage; his video is below.

(You may also remember Dan Savage's 2003, reader invoked, contest to name a sex act "the Santorum" after Rick Santorum's famous comments equating gay sex to "man on dog" after the Texas Sodomy Laws were revoked. Dan's apparent intention with the contest was to, "...memorialize the Santorum attaching his name to a sex act that would make his big, white teeth fall out of his big, empty head.")