Sunday, September 28, 2008

Gay-Friendly College Towns

Austin is the #1 Gay-Friendly College Town in the U.S., and Eli and I are in the fall issue of Out Traveller!
I'll scan in the image sometime soon; it's not available online.

Out Traveller did a feature on the top 10 most gay-friendly college towns.
Eli & I were over at UT for the Sustainable Business Summit when we first moved to Austin. We walked by a crowd of kids getting their photo taken on the steps in front of the UT Tower. First we noticed there were some lezzies in the back of the group and then suddenly realized the whole crowd was a group of homos. The students saw us and all turned to wave to us simultaneously. Then the photographer, Michael Thad Carter, told us to get in the photo in the front. I love homos recognizing each other. Thusly, we became gelebrities. Thank you, thank you.