Monday, December 15, 2008

Thank goodness for the internet and the oddness it cherishes.

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On Halloween a girl took a picture of me and said "before you know it, you'll be an internet meme." I'm not one yet but there seem to be a million other internet fashion beings out there rocking memes.

The profusion of internet sites documenting out-there (and yet mainstream) contemporary fashion is real. is a compendium of photos of outfits submitted by stylists and clothing nerds from around the world. It's an invite-only site, but one can also apply to be part of the site. The invite/apply part is an interesting creation that I'm sure has generated some cravings amongst folks wanting exclusivity. In general though, there are some amazing and interesting things going on on Lookbook, especially for these amped-experimental-fashion starved Austin eyes.

Connected to LookBook, I found HEL LOOKS, a similar website though all the photos are taken by one person. On HEL LOOKS I found the coolest 11 year old fashionista of the world. Note that she says her hat is from a rock festival in China. She is either a very old soul or has some super cool parents. Perhaps she is the combined mixture of the reincarnated souls of Mama Cass, Janis Joplin and Gianni Versace. With self-awareness around fashion like this, how could she not be?